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About EdTech Central

Education Technology is a wide ranging subject, and we recognise that it takes a team of people working together to make it work. Our aim is to provide resources and ideas to support the entire team, including Curriculum Leaders, School Business Professionals and Technical Teams.

EdTech Central is a collaboration between the Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME) and theEducationCollective. Combined these to organisations already act as a mechanism of support for over 5000 schools throughout England and Wales. 

So whether you role is mostly teaching, management, finance, HR or technical - we hope we have something to offer you.#


EdTech Central was founded by Rick Cowell and Neil Limbrick with a massive amount of support from the ANME Ambassadors:

  • Ben Whitaker
  • Jase Caul
  • Dave Leonard
  • Tim Mace
  • Michelle Hodgeon
  • Gary Henderson
  • Jack Marshal
  • Terry Dignam